My First Blog!

I think it is appropriate that my first blog touch on managing time and money as I feel I am constantly doing this as a designer, business owner and mother.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and I mean all of it. From meeting new clients and helping them create their dream home to brushing the dust off my clothing from the construction sites; no two days are the same and I wouldn't have it any other way!

 I definitely have a do-it-yourself spirit. From doing hands-on remodeling in the home we just sold to creating this website to having an interior design business, sometimes I like to just get it done on my own so I know I will be happy with it!  I painstakingly take on new uncharted territory often and then become very diligent in making sure I am happy with the results. Sometimes it takes several tries and if it is something I know is just over my head, I consult with professionals that I know will get it done right. For example, you should see my attempts at a logo - not cute! I definitely had to bite the bullet on that one and hire a graphic designer and I am happy with her work - thanks Katie! 

I have learned that while doing things on my own have saved money and broadened my skill set, they take up my time which has become quite valuable to me. It is a delicate balance that changes depending on what is going on in my life.


 Ironically that is part of what makes a demand for an interior designer. Many people are capable of creating a nice looking interior with different levels of skill but selecting tile, paint, furniture, accessories, lighting etc takes time. Lots of time! Knowing a bit about these things also takes time and expertise. From contractors who want to help their clients select finishes but don't have the time to homeowners who need a little guidance, I see that everyone has the same balancing act I do with time and learning new things.

 Tile Selection for Contractor on Commercial Project

Tile Selection for Contractor on Commercial Project