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Haylee Davis


Meet Haylee

As the hardest worker in the room, Haylee is passionate about life and determined to succeed in everything she does. Haylee is part owner of a large multi-site building materials retailer and manufacturing company. Haylee is also the owner of H. Eden Construction, a general contracting company that specializes in custom building, design consulting, and construction consulting. Haylee’s background in purchasing, operations, negotiation, sales, pricing, and all around knowledge of the construction world gives her an edge in the real estate market.

What’s different about Haylee other than her drive and desire for success is that she also has an amazing eye for design and understanding of residential construction. Haylee drafted, general contracted, and did all the interior and exterior design work on her first home at only 23 years of age and now has quite the portfolio and knowledge in the construction and design industry. Other than her knowledge in these areas another thing Haylee does well and can provide her clients with is her knack for marketing and advertising. She uses social media to harness target markets, reaches broad groups of people through her community involvement, and is always coming up with new and fun ideas to market herself and her business.

Even though proven successful at the of the day Haylee is a down to earth and genuine person who is a people pleaser and loves to see others happy and that is her “why”.