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Crystal Cabin Remodel

Remodeled and furnished a single family three bedroom home. This was our first STR flip and grosses more than the typical three bedroom unit in the Branson market. 


Ruby Retreat

Gut remodeled, adjusted the layout and furnished a single family four bedroom home into a high performing STR on a tight budget with partners. 

Emerald Escape Remodel

Gut remodeled and furnished, significant layout changes turned into high performing STR. 

Pearl Bay

Couples cabin created by repurposing the garage to Emerald Escape – surveyed garage off onto its own lot. Extremely high performing STR.


Skyline Ridge

Ryan Duffy had a client that wanted to sell five wooded lakeview acres for approx $100,000. Through Ryan’s vision, he counseled the seller to clear the land and sell 8 individual lots. With Ryan’s marketing skills, each half acre lot sold for over $80,000 each. Ryan built the first house (a container home) to demonstrate to his clients that this area was primed for development. The development sold out and clients are bringing their plans to the builder we lined up. So far all investors are very happy!

Container Home

Built from the ground up, designed and furnished unique STR. Partnership venture that overcame financing and logistical hurdles. This was the first container home STR in the market and it absolutely kills it! 

The Constellations

This new development will be completed fall 2024. With partners, Duffy Homes procured the land which had 4 run down mobile homes and a house in bad shape. We designed, planned, and managed the project which is to be an adult only resort with a shared indoor pool, sauna and game room. Each cabin has its own steam shower and hot tub. The bold and moody interiors make it a perfect couples get away. 

Creek Lots

With partners, we purchased 20 wooded acres. Ryan and Shae designed the site plan, created a subdivision and marketed the new construction STR eligible A Frame cabins each on one acre lots that back up to a creek. Once again, we identified the niche product that Branson was missing (cabins in the woods) and created an option that keeps the integrity of the area while calculating a great investment for clients in a market where that has become very limited. The first 5 lots (5 acres)  paid for the entire 20 acres that was initially purchased. Coming soon is the option to purchase a 5 acre piece and plans to build a killer STR with views – stay tuned!